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Spreading the love (Tokyo Dome tickets)

UPDATE 2016-08-27 00:37 JST
UPDATE 2016-04-25 02:20 JST
Let's pretend...
What if an awesome couple, after keeping Metal Resistance on repeat (and lurking here 🤓) ever since its release, decided that attending the "Tour Final at Tokyo Dome" on 19 September 2016 was not an option, but an absolute moral imperative?
And what if said couple had already been poo-pooed by the immediate sellout of the last show in Tokyo, without enough time to even make a few taps on a konbini kiosk screen? 😭
And what if they considered that, while their chances of getting tickets in a lottery were quite low, it was a better option than waiting for the official sale only to get poo-pooed again?
And what if when embarking on this new quest, they coerced a bunch of friends to also enter the lottery on their behalf, in hopes that just one would win the opportunity to buy some tickets?
And what if, out of ten total entries in the lottery, eight actually won? 😱
And what if, out of 32 tickets that were suddenly made available to them for purchase, only 8 were taken by committed conspirators?
And what if rather than buying only those 8 tickets -- taking into account that international fans were being seduced by the promise of the lotteries only to be outright rejected 😓, as well as the handful of crazy gaijin 😜 who had already bought their plane tickets with only hope of finding tickets to the show some time later -- they did what they thought was right and also bought the other 24 available tickets?
And what if they are the types who feel that scalping tickets at inflated prices to the disenfranchised is complete BS 😠, and would be happy to let them go to their friends from overseas for simple reimbursement of what they paid (face value and fees), plus a few bucks/quid for credit card interest, postage, a thank-you melon pan etc.? 😎
Would any of you be interested? 😊
          It's easy: 生き続ける愛があるから。♥
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